Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our Week

On Thursday we followed tracks in the mud, splashed in puddles and enjoyed the 50 degree weather. We even picked the leftover carrots from the garden! 

On Tuesday we played in a foot of snow!

When children arrive we begin our day outside. This gives children the chance to wake up with the fresh air and have time to greet each other, share stories and move their bodies. Depending on the temperature we typically stay outside for 20-30 minutes before going inside to hang up our winter gear and wash our hands before morning meeting. 

Waking up in the fresh air
So happy we have snow!

New water station where learners pour their own drinks

Family Style Snack
After Morning meeting we have our snack. This usually consists of 2 or 3 choices of fruits, vegetables, and sometimes nuts or crackers. Children are learning how to serve themselves and pass the food on to the next. We try to wait for everyone to have food on their plate before saying thanks for our snack and then eating. Children are welcome to take more food if there is some leftover. At any time they can pour their own water for a drink. As you can imagine this time is very popular and the children love this highly independent time of our day. When they are finished they empty their extras into the compost and wash their own dish before going onto Choice time.

You're never too young to paint!

Children find "tools" to do "work" 

As you may see when you come into our yard the deer are very active. Here we found 3 deer under the apple tree and eating our arborvites. The next morning we found A LOT of tracks and even deer hair shown below.

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