Monday, November 30, 2015

The Importance of Child-led Play

Uninterrupted Free-Play encourages creativity and imagination

Uninterrupted Play

Child-led play is when the adult steps back and allows the child(ren) to take a lead in the course of the activity. Rules and communication are made-up as they go. This is when the imagination and creativity become a sharpened tool within the child. Click here to view a valuable website article about nature and child-led play.

Below are a few highlighted phrases that are worth repeating especially for those that feel guilty when they aren't constantly engaged in play with their son or daughter. You're probably doing more harm than good. 

"The more you stand back and enjoy observing their deep play concentration, their independent play ability increases. Babies and children who are allowed uninterrupted play-time are less likely to learn what 'boredom' is-they develop creativity, imagination and a concentration span that they take with the to adulthood."

"As learning allies we honor the space required for this personal learning experience by not interrupting play unless we are invited by the child-in which case we take the passive role-or when we must intervene due to safety issues."

Nature Play Guidelines
The Nature Play Guidelines are easy to follow, helpful guidelines that will help guide any adult wanting to support children at play.
This double page document is designed so that you can it print off for easy reference. 


Today we made place mats for Thanksgiving. We discussed color patterns, learned how to weave, and practiced our scissor skills. What we used to think was an easy arts and crafts project can actually be a learning opportunity to reinforce early math skills, fine motor skills and organizational planning. Practicing cutting and weaving at home is a great activity to help your child feel responsible and independent. Just be sure whenever an activity involves scissors and glue, you're right there to help!

New Teepee

As we wrap up our discussions about the Pilgrims, Native Americans and Thanksgiving we came upon a teepee at a local yard sale! This is a great new play area in our school. We love to read books in our private teepee!

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