Thursday, October 22, 2015

First Impressions

First Impressions

Today, children discussed how they think and feel about various New Hampshire animals. Our focus was to discuss different people's responses to different animals and to provide accurate information to promote more positive feelings.

One misunderstood creature we learned about today was a snake. Did you know the benefits of a Garter Snake? They are quite welcomed by many gardeners (often mistakenly called a Gardener Snake). They eat insects, frogs, toads and small rodents that may be destructive to your garden, landscape or household. Although we looked real hard, we were unable to find a live snake. 

We will spend the next week or more discussing feeling words regarding certain wildlife species which are generally less liked by people. Coyotes, spiders, bats and snakes elicit fear among individuals, but mostly because they are misunderstood. This activity is designed for children to notice their first reactions to different animals and then to see whether their reaction changes when they learn more about the animal.

Music & Movement: Scary Animals

(Sung to "Farmer in the Dell")

Some animals are pretty
Some animals are cute
Some are so scary you want 
To run away in your boots

Some would say it isn't fair
Just give them one more chance
To prove they're not as scary
As you thought by just one glance

Every animal is here
Because it needs to be
They all have a role to play 
In nature's family

Bats won't try to suck your blood
They'd rather eat some bugs
Frogs don't jump inside your bed
They're outside eating slugs

Animals are afraid of us
More than we're afraid of them
Let us just try and see
If we can all live happily

Home Connections

Family Favorites (and not): Ask family and friends about the animals they like best. Are there any they don't like? Why do they feel the way they do about these animals?

Learn Something New: Visit the library and learn something new about an animal that you or someone in your family thinks is scary or unattractive.

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