Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Animals & Trail Blazing

We began our day with a familiar and favorite book Pancakes! Pancakes! By Eric Carle. We discussed animals from the book that provide food for us (cows-milk, chickens-eggs, etc.) 

Next we sorted new plastic animals into 2 groups-those that provide food for us and those that do not. These animals included dogs, cats, cows, ducks, horses, bear, pigs and more. 

Then we went back into the book to find the ingredients Jack and his mother used to make pancakes. We tested the recipe to see if the ingredients really did work and they were delicious! 

As we cut up the strawberries and other foods, we talked about where they came from. A common answer was "the grocery store". This discussion led into the importance of farming (dairy, beef and vegetable) so the grocery stores can make these foods available to us all in one store.

After snack we took a new path through the woods to explore new territory! As we got further and further into the forest we found more "bridges" or obstacles to cross under. The girls made an observation about their shapes. We saw a dome, a triangle and a square. 

We even discovered MUSHROOMS growing on a tree!

We came to a cold, but inviting river. The girls hiked up their pants and splashed away. Brrr...

Being silly in the woods

On our way back to school we discovered a new location for a fairy house! We'll be sure to come back next week to add more natural items to attract creatures

Other observations and discoveries:
Blue jay overhead
Turkey feather
Many Turkeys' Roosting location

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